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Ujjawal solar panel 50 watt - 12 volt mono perc crystalline

Rs. 2300 Rs.
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Download Data Sheet, to understand the indications of this system.

Ujjawal Solar Panel 50 watt - 12-volt Mono-Crystalline

with 25 Years* Warranty

Rs. 2,300/-

Product Summary

Ujjawal solar 50-watt mono panels are made of A-grade mono perk cells and ultra cleared tempered glass and that glass protects the panel and does not break easily and gives 22% higher efficiency even in low light and cloudy weather.

This panel includes 36 cells 4 busbars and 25 years of performance warranty. IP 67 rated junction box is given with an MC4 compatible cable connector. 


  1. 25 years performance warranty
  2. Ujjawal Solar brand with 50 watt/12 volt mono perc crystalline
  3. 25 years performance warranty and 10 years manufacturing warranty

Additional Features 

  1. Cell Conversion efficiency > ~20%
  2. ultra cleared tempered glasses
  3. A+ Grade, anti-PID Mono cells

Technical Details

    1. 50 watts panel
    2. 19.95 volt at max power
    3. 2.51 amp current at max power
    4. 23.26-volt open-circuit voltage
    5. 2.63 amp short circuit current
    6. 36 number of cells

Protection: IP 67, water and dustproof

Panel shipping Dimensions:  2.2 mtr (Height) x 1.4 mtr (Width)

Weight   : 3 Kg.

Download Data Sheet, to understand the indications of this system.

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