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Luminous solar nxt 3 kw off grid hybrid inverter

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Download Product Manual Sheet, to understand the indications of this system.

Luminous solar nxt 3 kW off-grid hybrid inverter

2 Years warranty

Rs. 39800

Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is a powerful hybrid solar inverter with advanced mppt technology based solar charge controller, Digital display, and purely safe form short-circuits. 3 kW solar PCU is Industrial design, heavy built for running power loads such as 1-ton Inverter AC and lighting loads such as fans, lights, computers, printers, Xerox machine used in the home, office and commercial space.

  • conversion efficiency up to 97% through mppt technology
  • Connect solar panels up to 3 kW.
  • Pure Sinewave output and multiple MCBs Protection for safety to the connected load.



3 kW


Sine wave, Mppt

Power Load

1 Air conditioners, Home appliances such as Light, fan, TV, Laptop, refrigerator and water motor

Batteries required

4 nos. (150 Ah)

Technical Details


Sine wave

Solar panel current

46 amps

Solar panel voltage (voc)

65 V - 130 V

Charger technology


Full Battery Recharge Time

10-12 Hrs

Led display

  • grid led (green) – grid power is available
  • pv led (green) – solar is available
  • inverter led (green) – inverter is switched on
  • battery led (green)- battery charging (blinking) / battery discharging (led steady),
  • fault led (red) – inverter is faulty  

User Manual

User manual to understand how to install the solar inverter and in case of faults how to troubleshoot.

Download Product Manual Sheet, to understand the indications of this system.

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